Friday, October 7


Business, Enterprises

Arun Kumar Saini – Enterprises & Businessman, Group companies with interests in education, real estate, financial services and brand holdings.

Arun Kumar Saini born & brought in Village Kushak Hiranki (Delhi) Capital of India. Arun Kumar Saini started taking a keen interest in business when he was 16. He had seen his father, C.S. Saini, working harder in his life & inspiration. After completing Class 10 in 1997, he decided to take a break from studies to focus on the Indian Minded Business. He was developing his business skills. The outcome: He abandoned studies to become a full-time Entrepreneur. AKS is an avid biker but whenever he has free time, he goes to the library to study the newspaper . His idol is 12 Indian Businessmen, whom he admires for his aggression. “Newspaper & Learning Motivational Books has given me the skills,” he says. Arun Kumar Saini started his business career in 2002 at ...